Venturi flow measurement systems

No flow- measurement device can achieve greater long-term accuracy than a properly calibrated venturi which can provide accurate measurements within ± ½% in all sizes with reliability and Long Life. A Venturi will maintain its accuracy over an extremely long period of time since the Venturi is really a “self- cleaning” device. Its internal configuration which permits smooth flow and efficient pressure recovery, eliminates erosion and resists clogging by foreign matter unlike orifice plates or spring loaded devices and glass reading tubes in by-passes

The basic principle of a Venturi Flow Measurement System is the well established Bernoulli’s Theorem. This is concerned with the relationship between pressure differential and change in velocity. The Venturi provides a maintenance free, economical and accurate method of flow measurement with the minimum system pressure loss. Our Hyspan Barco Venturis are used for flow measurement and balancing of heating and cooling systems, scientific research, fire pump testing and sprinkler systems.

Applications include...

  • HVAC
  • ‍Marine
  • ‍Building Services
  • ‍Hopitals
  • ‍Pump Test Rigs